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tv   Headline News  RT  August 4, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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the week's main headlines on r.t. private bradley manning faces more than one hundred thirty years in prison after being found guilty of the biggest leak in u.s. history. while fellow whistleblower edward snowden breaks his cover spending his first days in russian territory after receiving long awaited paperwork allowing him to leave the moscow airport and live and work in the country. meanwhile the surveillance scandal snowballs in the u.k. snowden's latest revelations show how leading telecom companies and their clients data is of british intelligence which is funded by america's controversial spy agency. and different held without charges. excuses guards of carrying out procedures that amounted to sexual abuse critics say the invasive
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searches are used to break the resolve of inmates. and i welcome it's good to have you company you're watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow with me andrew farm. now an american judge has found private bradley manning guilty of almost all charges against him the former intelligence analyst now faces more than one hundred thirty years behind bars for leaking a massive amounts of classified data the soldier was however cleared of the most serious and controversial charge of aiding the enemy so let's take a look at the timeline of events surrounding manning it all started when he was deployed to iraq in two thousand and nine seven months later he exposed to the world a video showing u.s. troops killing civilians in iraq is arrested and stop revelations as we keep leaks
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published a new trove of classified data including diplomatic cables. he faced twenty charges including aiding the enemy the united nations called manning's confinement conditions as torturous and he main as he awaited the court martial which started this june but the judge didn't allow the u.n. inspector to testify and finally he was found guilty of nineteen of the charges against him with the leak seen as the biggest in u.s. history general counsel the national whistle blowing cent a day with killer pinto believes that government agencies in and keeping a close eye on would be whistleblowers their over reaction to the bradley manning case has been just to clamp down on all types of whistle blowing and that that's unfortunate there have been some advance moments in the law in the non national security or intelligence area but that's being drawn wharf by the
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overreaction to this and also there's been an attack on the media not just in the intelligence community but all government agencies have been faced with a crackdown on whistleblowers because the obama administration sent out a warning to all agencies to be on the lookout for leakers and to identify the leakers before they happen in response to the manning case supporters of bradley manning are ready to put their lives on the line is they offer to a major chunk of his sentence artie's marine important i went to new york's union square to hear what he were citizens think of the verdict. union square has been something of a stomping ground for bradley manning supporters in new york city you see over the years many rallies have been held here in honor of the army private first class intelligence analyst now manning has been found guilty of downloading and releasing confidential u.s.
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documents that subsequently disclosed illegal activity and crimes on the part of washington manning faces up to one hundred thirty six years in prison instead of telling you how the public is reacting to this news we're handing our microphone directly over to the citizens bradley manning didn't commit any crimes would be like is if you shot me and the camera man said hey i've got this footage of this crime and he. you know put it out there for justice and instead of trying you to try him it doesn't make any sense it would appear to me that the manning verdict would be sending a message to edward snowden i'm sure he's listening. you know because it's a really similar situation and i think they're doing a good thing because the american people are basically enslaved and they're you know they're told what to do by the media and they follow orders if you look at the
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apache helicopter video which probably the most famous one. for the american public at least know what is actually going on in the war. fighting all worth fighting at that point i just hope maybe somebody like obama. may be doing is the last leg we use a lame duck president decides to board money now although manning has been acquitted of aiding the enemy charges he may be punished for the rest of his life for presenting the american public with the truth reporting from new york for an up or nine our take. well this week or so so a benchmark moment in the price of another u.s. whistleblower as he attempts to avoid u.s. prosecution edward snowden left his name by. in a moscow airport as he was granted temporary asylum by the russian authorities he can i move around freely and work in the country for up to twelve months russia's top social networking website has already offered him a job but the story has a fresh twist with his current location unknown frustrating journalists overflowing
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with an answer questions are things lindsey friends and i takes a look back at how snowden's app or saga unfolded. on sunday june twenty third when reports surfaced that the u.s. is newest whistleblower edward snowden was in russian airspace on a flight from his hong kong hideout every journalist knew the weekend was over and they all scurried here to section a i said in mexico airport snowden and his wiki leaks advisor sarah harrison are a no show reporters found out that snowden and his advisors were due to be on a flight to cuba the next day so what did they do search around for the nearest hotel to get a good night's sleep before getting on that flight. june twenty fourth dawns the doors to the flight close seat seventeen a is empty galleys and restrooms are searched the cargo hold is suspected a drinks trolley is found in business class hangovers are reported june twenty
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fifth president putin confirms that snowden is still in the transit area of the airport foreign minister sergei lavrov dismisses a u.s. request for extradition this stakeout continues because you just never know when he'll come out from hiding everyone with the press badge gets to know airport food courts and the coin operated massage chairs very well july second wiki leaks says snowden is seeking asylum in nineteen more countries including china cuba nicaragua venezuela and india. the next day at another airport this time in austria drama unfolds the president of bolivia his plane is forced to land on suspicion that snowden is on board the heat and the debate turns up on the heels of this bolivia nicaragua and venezuela make their offers of asylum well known denouncing the pressure exerted by america but one little problem remains getting to any of these destinations without falling into the hands of american law enforcement it was here
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on the second floor terminal where snowden held a conference with human rights activists and with his advisors made the announcement that he was scared to fly not for heights and that he was thinking of asking russia for asylum video and photos make it out of that meeting and are quickly uploaded for our stories finally we have something to bring back to our newsrooms now the wait for the paperwork in this case a response to snowden scribbles on a blank sheet hey whatever works staff only this unassuming door here on the first floor of the terminal at the airport was headquarters july twenty fourth when everyone thought anatoly snowden's russian advisor would be bringing that very important piece of paper from immigration services allowing him to exit the airport instead all he brought were a bag of books some new clothes and a healthy dose of consolation for snowden and the journalists. until august first
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one day now himself shows the press that fateful document making edward snowden free to travel through the russian federation until july thirty first two thousand and fourteen he says edward is gone and his lips are sealed. due to the fact that he's the most wanted person on planet earth today he would be concerned about the issue of security that includes questions of safety and the place where he is going to live that's all up to him as he is where we'll consult and advise him but on other. shoes it's up to him and according to our sources when a plane from paris was emptying out he took his chance and jumped in the bill and then. edward snowden had flown in and then walked out nearly and noticed much to our chagrin in moscow the france r.t. . all skate the leader of the u.k. pirate party believes that it's too early for snowden to breathe a sigh of relief. this is just
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a kind of temporary solution of course because obviously he's only been offered asylum for one year so it still poses great questions for the global whistleblowing movement mainly because it's no one has stepped up really to find a more permanent solution to the leap legal limbo that has found itself in for us in the pirate party movement we've been pressing the european countries with a solid tumen rights record with solid commitments to to media freedom to step up off edward snowden the kind of protection that whistleblowers deserve but until they do that it will remain will remain to have a chilling effect on whistleblowers and after all the freedom to speak out is absolutely vital in a democratic society. and snowden's revelations continue to send reverberations around the globe his latest published show that telecom giants like verizon
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vodafone and british telecom allowed a british intelligence agency to look through their clients' private data g.c. h.q. had unlimited access to millions of phone calls e-mails and facebook conversations and this comes shortly after it was disclosed the n.s.a. poured millions of dollars into the british agency securing it access to surveillance data former am i five officer and imagines says that close ties between the u.s. and u.k. intelligence services and nothing. one thing that people tend to forget is there's an old program of mutual assistance which was called echelon which was exposed in the one nine hundred eighty s. and then fed into the european parliament in the one nine hundred ninety eight so this is resistance have been going on for decades let's have no doubt about that and it's also been a very good way for the n.s.a. and you to circumvent domestic laws and domestic warranty requirements so they
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can spy on each other and then feed each other the thing the information they need back without having to go through the courts these revelations that came out in the guardian take it to a whole new level we are now looking at g.h.q. effectively prostituting itself to the n.s.a. . still to come see the possibility of arms shipments to syrian rebels but the blocks leaders are rushing to send weapons to the country amid fears it could backfire with hundreds of europeans leaving their homes to fight against the president a sad plus around new moderate president some rouhani is sworn in before parliament as dozens of u.s. senators call for yet more punitive sanctions on the country and european taxpayers fund another bailout tranche for greece but some may not be enough as one man in germany proves there's no alternative to the global financial giants these stories coming up after a quick break. just
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over this is critical is after saakashvili steps down georgia's new political leaders find a way to develop relations with the south to say to enter part. was would it be possible at least in theory for these nations to unite. and would rush of recognize the territorial integrity of georgia in this case. to live in peace. with its upstream would want. just look at one of the we wanted to receive.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operation. welcome back an inmate at guantanamo bay has accused guards of carrying out procedures amounting to sexual assault the invasive routines were described by the last british rangers and resident at the facility shaka in a private talk to his lawyer says that during the search is an extraction team walks in and forces a detainee to the floor pinning down their arms and legs to prevent movement the procedure takes place any time a prisoner wants to leave his cell to see a lawyer or a relative and it happens again when he returns prisoners believe this is
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a tactic to intimidate them bright young going hunger strike and prevent them from taking legal steps to defend themselves parties could be a is an attorney with the u.s. center for constitutional rights she says conditions at the prison my well contravene international law. these toxic tactics of solitary confinement have spotty searches among other things have been used to pressure them to break the strike one point i want to correct as a factual matter is transitions at one time or right now are not he said they are not named you have most of them and they are protesting for over three months in conditions of solitary confinement so there is not only a problem the definite illegal detention without charge at guantanamo right now but a question of serious serious questions about the united states is compliance with the geneva conventions in terms of humane treatment of these men and they are in twenty two to twenty four hour solitary confinement went on to ask one time
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authorities for a response to the accusations of facility representative says they were unwilling to comment on such claims regardless of how ridiculous and absurd they might be. and he arms embargo on syria officially expired this week which means there's nothing now stopping the block from sending weapons to the country but it does appear some european countries are already deeply involved in this civil war e.u. citizens are flocking to syria to join and a sad fight is and the scale appears to be vast a french official said that in nine years of conflict in afghanistan only fifty jihadists left the country to fight meanwhile in serious case more than one hundred people have gone there from france in one year alone according to some experts in most cases they join al-qaeda and other terror groups the total number of europeans who have left to fight in the syrian war is now over six hundred and is artie's
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tester is still reports this could be why he is where we where every starting weapons shipments. while the u.k. arm the syrian rebels or not that's a question that's been answered in a number of different ways it's a card that we gather mostly in varying degrees of all right but ultimately always sending signals of support for the opposition it will be new political progress it lets the opposition is able to withstand the onslaught and put pressure on assad so here it is there is no military victory so we will also increase our efforts to support and to shape the moderate opposition we propose to. arms embargo. we must ensure that these arms go to the syrian national coalition and no one else to what a half years on syria continues to pay the delicate complex picture a battleground constantly shifting as it is with western leaders rhetoric in american twelve hour meeting in may neither is agreeing to disagree on syria the
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u.k. and france successfully getting their way even though they were at odds with the twenty five other member states the european union has agreed to bring to an end their arms embargo on the syrian opposition this is the outcome of the united kingdom and the wanted rhetoric in the millicent and the need up to the libyan intervention also led by the same players it's remarkable they could simply try and override the experience of libya because as a recent report said libya is not a super market for the entirety of the of the middle east and if they were to go into syria that would be true to the power of ten and listen reports from syria show all kind of affiliated groups wanting to establish an islamic caliphate and dissolution rebels and defecting back to the government side before the the award afghanistan or before the attack on iraq there was no al qaida in iraq there was no al qaida in yemen there was no al-qaeda in somalia there was no al qaida in syria
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but there is now an idea that's not lost on the british prime minister there's too much extremism about some of the rebels but frankly we do need to do more to help promote those parts of the opposition that want a free pluralistic democratic syria and so we're not all being the rebels this are cilia r t london. we do have plenty more stories for you on line including an earthquake measuring six on the richter scale strikes japan in the same area so i need to react to meltdown triggered by a quake and a tsunami two years ago you can find out what the damage was by the. caused by the latest tremor at r.t. dot com. and the fifth anniversary of russia's jaw conflict with georgia approaches prime minister medvedev recalls the fateful events of two thousand and eight in an exclusive interview with r.t. you can watch it in full online. a son rouhani has been
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sworn in before parliament in iran a day after being and dorset is the next president but a country supremely leader rouhani was elected with the support of the reformist vote and value to end the country's international isolation as part of his election platform the u.s. has welcomed the new president with new economic sanctions more than seventy american senators have also signed a letter calling on president obama to further clamp down on iran's economy international relations expert dr mohammed has an harney says the u.s. must make the first steps to improving relations with iran. now the hall is in the american court i mean wrongly has shown the flexibility i mean he came to the election campaign reason slogan of moderation and prudence says that he is far from being extremists of foreign policy makers so in that sense it's now
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american term to to try to really engage reappear on gauge moment i mean a true engagement it doesn't work if they want a game to talk about. talking about all options on the table now it's time for negotiation iran is now in the best position to do so and little harney has the mandate to solve the problem not only do nuclear problem but all of the longest standing problem with the united states. now the world's biggest financial institutions are pouring billions of euros into the greek economy but the amount it needs to survive keeps increasing the debt ridden countries are looking at a funding shortfall of nearly eleven billion euros according to the international monetary fund while the latest tranche of almost six billion has already cost thousands of public sector jobs
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a large share of the installment is funded by the eurozone and the european central bank the international monetary fund is contributing one point eight billion in return athens has to fire four thousand civil servants by the end of the year while twenty five thousand more must be redeployed and far from being a medicine the bailout funds are actually ruining greece according to expert. greece was never going to survive as long as it was in bailout mode because the difficulty is that you know throwing vodka at alcoholics just tends to make them more alcoholic and it doesn't affect them and improve their overall condition really what greece has always needed to do was to leave the euro and declare bankruptcy it's the only way that it can feasibly restructure what's going on instead what we have is this absolutely mainly arkell situation where in order to manage to stay in the euro we have a series of political forces in western europe who are desperate not to see their
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law as the political experiment failed and therefore greece has been left just like cyprus just like other countries that have received bailouts like ireland they are being sacrificed the altar of a ludicrous national political statement or supra national political statement with most of the still in the grip of recession it's the smallest banks that are taking the biggest hit however artie's peter all of a travel to a small german village to find out how one bank is managing to stay afloat. it's not all big city banks with bailouts bonuses and big shots in rural germany this small town has all its financial needs taken care of by just one man with only nine hundred customers peter believes he can offer something that big banks can't go yes to personally people get a personal service here i know everyone who comes in of course i do or they are my neighbors so this means there is a big trust and the are just a number or part of
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a money making machine when our t. stopped by at this one month bank we found that the man in charge wasn't alone the regulators were going through the books like they do in every other european bank people have to a once a year someone counts for four weeks i think it's a bit too long but hey that's the way it is even as we live more and more of our daily lives online in small towns like this one still a place for the face to face book was a bunk sometimes i need to go to the city banks are all run by machines don't even get me started on the internet the concept we have here we are all members not customers. it's hardly the most modern of operations opened at the end of the nineteenth century some of the equipment looks like it isn't much younger now wouldn't mind forking up my predecessor had a quite specific grip you can see here over forty years he wore the pain away all
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the modern stuff doesn't look right here if it works why buy a new machine. ok so. even the youngest in town a catered for having their own individual money boxes to make sure they aren't sheepish about saving. due to the cost of running them small banks of all but disappeared for most of germany the people of the town of. want to hang on to this for many more years to come peter all of the south west germany. up next is well it's a party here on out. i got a big question for you how stupid can stupid terrorist paranoia get according to for
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progressives dot com the texas department of public safety demanded that any women entering the state senate hand over any tampons or pads before entering wow so why would they do this are they really that scared that some terrorists are playing a sneak a bomb into the place at any cost according to news at yahoo dot com the official reason is that they're afraid of people using projectiles as a form of protest against a law that would really restrict abortions oh well no i kind of see where you abortion is an issue that people really get furious over now it kind of all makes sense but wait wait wait wait what's that they're afraid of projectiles but people with guns were allowed to take them into the senate are you kidding me i think the second amendment does a lot more good than harm by i think it goes without saying that for women to concealed carry their hygiene items they should need a permit or permission from anyone but that's just my opinion.
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hello and welcome to worlds apart five years have passed since georgia wants a full file foods on the full plus all but forgotten that one. given its relative florida flying from the castle to the belly you would call it a war and he had those five things a fighting true profound political changes that will continue to goof off to put all these have been aboard the well to discuss that i'm now joined by russia's former pastor the current prime minister. thank you for your time now that it's been five years the international community has all but forgotten this war because they've been many other conflicts some of them even more horrible. but i'm sure you haven't forgotten those days what is the
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first thing that comes to mind. of your rights thank god this conflict didn't last too long. what it was burned into my memory. i think it's the same for many other people especially those living in the region but it's. the first thing i remember is how it all started what was going on the more the situation was very tense i have to admit i remember how difficult it was for me to make a decision but i might even at this. school this was absolutely the most difficult decision that i've ever had to make. it was very difficult for me as a person which under the new president who had spent less than three months in office. but that's the way love history and sometimes there's nothing we can do. but if you're with. prime minister august and open up the specificially the war
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broke out on august eighth but tensions obviously had been escalating for a few days or even weeks before that. when did you get reports that georgian troops were massing on the border. and were you aware of the actual plans of the georgian authorities. of course i have been getting reports for a few days prior to that. that there were troops concentrating on the border there were some provocations and incidents. but since this conflict had been simmering for years and we had our peacekeeping forces there we tried not to jump to conclusions. or alarmed by those reports. and then in the still of night.


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